Shelly Gas natural gas leakage smart detector sensor with Wi-Fi

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Shelly Gas is the new 2020 product of Shelly, a smart natural gas detector with WiFi, giving local sound and light alert when detecting a gas leakage. It can also be set to send alert to your smart home or send email, as well as, can turn off the gas via a motorized gas valve.

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Gas leakage is one of the most dangerous source of household accidents. If not detected in time, it can even result in a life-threatening explosion and serious damage. Many households use CO2 leakage and gas leakage detectors, but not many manufacturers make a small, compact and smart sensor that not only alerts you to danger locally with sound and light, but can also send an alert to your smartphone or send an email, or set to close the gas valve immediately.

Shelly was one of the first manufacturers to develop such a smart device in collaboration with Heimann, a manufacturer highly experienced in gas sensors. Their sensor is simply called Shelly Gas, and is capable of detecting natural gas leaks.

You may install the sensor in any place where there is even a small chance of a gas leak: in the vicinity of kitchen gas stoves, bathroom gas boilers or water heaters, etc. Not only can gas pipelines be damaged or an aged seal can cause a gas leak, but failure of gas-powered equipment, a stronger draft or a storm may also can blow out the flame and cause leakage. But, of course, it can even be caused by human error, think, for example, an elderly family member or a child not closing the gas fully after finishing cooking, and the smell of gas may remain undetected by them.

The Shelly Gas sensor detects the increased concentration of natural gas, and the device sends an audible and visual alarm so that people nearby receive an alarm immediately. In addition, Shelly Cloud app can be set to notify us via email or a phone notification via the Internet about the serious problem at home. If a motor-controlled shut-off valve is installed on the gas tap, the sensor can also manage to shut off gas automatically.



  • It connects directly to the WiFi router, no hub or gateway is required
  • Device plugs into a 230V AC socket, does not require complicated wiring
  • Fireproof plastic housing – Shelly Gas will always take care of you
  • In case of an alarm, local sound and light signal + configurable email and telephone notification, alarm and control of other devices as well
  • Sound alert volume: ≥70dB
  • Sensor sensitivity: 6% LEL
  • Compatible with the Shelly Cloud app for both Android and iOS, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and home automation systems using MQTT, CoAP, and REST API.


Additional supported platforms, integrations:

  • MQTT
  • HomeSeer
  • iBroker
  • Home Assistant
  • openHAB
  • Domoticz
  • nymea
  • Hubitat
  • Hoobs

Additional information

Dimensions 89.5 × 89.5 × 38 cm


CE and other certificates and test reports for Shelly smart home devices:

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