Shelly Flood WiFi flood sensor with temperature measurement

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Shelly Flood is Shelly’s new WiFi-based flood sensor with built-in temperature sensor, introduced in September 2019.

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Shelly Flood, introduced in September 2019, is Shelly’s new, WiFi access flood / leak sensor. Due to its low consumption the battery-powered device can operate for over 1 year, or according to the factory’s manual for even 18 months.

By putting the device under a water tap, washing machine or sink, when the sensor detects water leakage (for example due to a broken pipe, broken valves, broken down hot water radiator) the sensor is activated, and it sends an alarm to Shelly app. By connecting Shelly Flood with a Shelly 1 relay, you can even control an electric water valve. The flood sensor has a built-in temperature sensor, so it can measure floor temperature if you have underfloor heating.

(According to tests, the device is not capable for rain detection, because amount of water in raindrops is to small to close the circuit, it detects only water flood, that is bigger amount of water. For rain detection we suggest to use a plastic box to collect rain, so that enough water can trigger the sensor.)

Data is stored by Shelly Cloud for 1 year for free, data can be displayed any time with Shelly smartphone app, also available at no additional cost.

The sensor directly connects to WiFi network, there is no need for any wiring.

Shipped without battery.


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